Are you a GREAT bestfriend or a backstabber??

The quizzz is totally awesome...but results may very depending on if your a cool person like me or your just another geek i would pick on all day.....

Are you a totally cool friend or a backstabber?? WARNING :You should not take this quiz if you do not have any friends!!!! Be honest with your answers...

Created by: ndncook18

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  1. Have you ever dated your bestfriends ex??
  2. Do you talk about your bestfriend behind his/her back??
  3. Have you ever blown your bestfriend off for a guy??
  4. Does your bestfriend text you for everything to ask you what/what not to do in certain situations??
  5. Do you call your bestfriend bad names to his/her face??
  6. Are you afraid of your bestfriend??
  7. Do you and your bestie have cute nicknames??
  8. Do you love your bestfriend??
  9. Do you spend a lot of time with you bestfriend??
  10. Together me and my bestfriend are fearlesss...
  11. Would you be my bestfriend??

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Quiz topic: Am I a GREAT bestfriend or a backstabber??