are you a good skier

Do YOU think your a good or bad skier? Some people do not. Some people think they suck but some think they are awesome at skiing. Take this awesome quiz to determine it! Good luck!

Are YOU a ski genius? Some people are and some are not. Take this quiz to determine how good YOU are! This quiz is about skiing and ski questions. Good luck!

Created by: Thomas

  1. What is best too ski on?
  2. Is skiing in the Olympics?
  3. Is skiing a sport?
  4. What was the latest type of skiing added too the Olympics?
  5. When did skiing start
  6. What is the difference between skiing and snowboarding?
  7. Who created skiing?
  8. Do you ski in when it is hot or cold
  9. CAN YOU use poles during snowboarding or skiing?
  10. How is skiing and snowboarding alike?
  11. How much money is most skis for kids
  12. What gets most exercised while skiing
  13. What is the highest ski mountain?

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