What type of Skier are You?

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What would you classify yourself as when it comes down to skiing? Are you an insane Park Rat? Or maybe a future downhill Olympian?

Do you not know what class of skier you are? This quick test should have a pretty accurate guess at what type of shredder you really turn out to be!

Created by: Max
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  1. What type of runs do you prefer?
  2. How do you like your skis when you enter the ski hill?
  3. What type of skis would you buy out of the ones listed below?
  4. What is a Licoln Loop?
  5. What is a colder wax, ch 8, or ch 4?
  6. What do you think the following sentence means?: That was one steezy Milk Run Bra!!!
  7. What are you most comfortable skiing in?
  8. What is the correct terms for croos country skiing and downhill skiing?
  9. What is the Typical range of Boot Flexes?
  10. Definition of a skin:
  11. DIN settings apply to your...
  12. Vocab:Bono
  13. Finish this word: Para______
  14. What would you rather hug?
  15. How many times could you ski on grass and dirt before you thought about cleaning your skis?
  16. Meathead. East-coast or west-coast?
  17. Dude... Bra, you must be experiencing some serious stokage right now!
  18. Pretzel on, Pretzel off refers to jumping mountain cliffs.
  19. Whats the biggest slopes you skied?
  20. What is your plan for future Skiing?

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Quiz topic: What type of Skier am I?