Are you a good friend?

Friends are one of the best things people can have in life.So I made this quiz.I hope you enjoy it and remember this is just a quiz!.Have a wonderful day!.

Do you think youÂ’re a good friend?. Answer these questions to find out!.Hope you enjoy the quiz.Have a wonderful day!.:D

Created by: ResyTest

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  1. Would you help a friend if they really need it?
  2. Did you ever spread rumors about your friends?
  3. Do you know if your friends trust you?
  4. Do you get in fights with your friends?
  5. Are you nice to your friends?
  6. Have you ever done something horrible to your friends?(example: get together with their ex)
  7. Do you talk everyday?
  8. What do you do when your friend is getting bullied?
  9. Do you think youÂ’'re a good friend yourself?
  10. This is the last question.I hope you like the quiz.And please do not take seriously if you got a bad result,remember this is just a quiz.Bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?