Are you a good boyfriend?

In this quiz you will find out if your a good boyfriend or not and if you’re doing things that girls would like you to do! There will be ten questions for you to answer and you should answer them truthfully on what you should or shouldn’t do and at the end you will find out if your a good boyfriend or not!

If you get all your answers correct that you will be one of the greatest boyfriend on earth and should be protected at all costs! The correct answer is what you should be doing!

Created by: Yee yee
  1. Should you flirt with other girls while you have a girlfriend?
  2. Should you give your girlfriend your hoodies?
  3. Should you give your girlfriend forehead kisses?
  4. Should you get your girlfriend little gifts?
  5. Should give hugs from behind to your girlfriend?
  6. Should you take pictures with your girlfriend?
  7. Should you hang out with your girlfriend in public?
  8. Should you hold your girlfriends hand in public?
  9. Should you kiss you girlfriend in public?
  10. Should you hug your girlfriend in public?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good boyfriend?