are you a girlscout?

There are few true girlscouts, many have a good idea and outlook on life but this quiz is something that doesn't mean much. but it's a great thing and you might end up joining girlscouts but probably not.

Are YOU a true blue girlscout? chances are probably not. good luck on this quiz anyway. i hope you enjoy it. remember this quiz is ment for fun and to help stop boredness. But hey anything can happen.

Created by: stacy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you find yourself out in the wilderness, hiking on a trail weekly?
  2. do you enjoy arts and crafts
  3. whats ur favorite colour out of these
  4. do you enjoy hanging out with your friends?
  5. does learning new things about life and culture excite you?
  6. are you the life of the party?
  7. are you easily bored?
  8. did you ever want to be a girlscout?
  9. are you lazy?
  10. do you know basic first aid or cpr

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Quiz topic: Am I a girlscout?