are you a geek ?

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There are a lot of geek people around you are not one you are a very loud exciting cheerful moody person who dosent watch sherlock holmes and loves to sit around and eat.

You are a genius you do watch sherlock holmes you love grass and love Oprah and loves to stay at school you would write a story about how much ypu love counting your spots.

Created by: jordan
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  1. Would you call it.....
  2. How many hours do you read for ?
  3. Do you collect bus number ?
  4. When doing homework. do you answer with short answers. or long paragraphs ?
  5. Would you go to the park or go to a musical ?
  6. Do you like drums or flute ?
  7. Meet the royal family or skrillex ?
  8. Horror film or sherlock holmes documentary ?
  9. Go on holiday to party Malibu or go to a cold quiet cabin ?
  10. Stay at school and learn or stay at home or go out ?
  11. Knitting or video games
  12. Big party hen do or quiet film hen do ?
  13. Flip phone or blackberry ?
  14. Mcdonalds or exspensive Chinese
  15. Big scary rides or small baby rides
  16. Gta 5 or barbi dress up

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Quiz topic: Am I a geek ?