Are you a gamer?

Well, This is a quiz about gaming.. And gaming is what alot of people do.. To.. Well.. Have fun.. But, How much of a gamer are we, and how can we find out..?

Welll,, you can do this really bad quiz I made in 20 solid minutes, and quite.. Not.. Accurately.. Find out how gamer-ish... You are in just a couple of... clicks..

Created by: SomeProQuiz

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  1. What is gaming?
  2. What game genres would you prefer?
  3. How much hours would you spend?
  4. Would you play online?
  5. Do you love games?
  6. Would you skip school for a game?
  7. Your grounded. Now what?
  8. How many games do you own?
  9. Someone says they haven't tried gaming, what do you do?
  10. The final question, your about to see your results... Lets end this.. Are you ready?

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Quiz topic: Am I a gamer?