Are You A Furry? See Where You Stand In The Furry Fandom!!!

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Do You Find Yourself Wondering Whether Or Not You Are A Furry? Or Are You Just Taking This Out Of Boredom? Hmm...Maybe A Dare Or Just Saw It And Decided To Try...

Whatever The Reason Is; I Hope You Enjoy The Quiz And Get The Answer You've May Or May Not Been Wanting To Know. Good Luck, And Don't Forget To Comment Your Result! Awoooooo! :3

Created by: zWolfFell
  1. You See A Furry, What Do You Do?
  2. Do You Think You Are A Furry?
  3. Would You Wear A Fursuit?
  4. Do You Like 'Zootopia'?
  5. Does The Sound Of Anthropomorphic Animals Excite You?
  6. Awoooooo!!!
  7. Should Furries Be Banned Or Made Illegal?
  8. Do You Find Yourself Making Random Animal Sounds?
  9. Do You Support Furs?
  10. Do You Have A Fursona?
  11. Do Furries Deserve Rights?
  12. Did You Like The Quiz? (This Will Not Effect Your Score)

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Quiz topic: Am I A Furry? See Where You Stand In The Furry Fandom!!!

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