Are You a Fighter or Flighter?

One of the natural responses to an attacker is fight or flight. You begin sweating, adrenaline rushes, and you wonder if you should take the bull by the horns or flee.

Well, who will you be? If you had superpowers, would you have seismic strength or flight? That and more will end up in this quiz. If you wondered which primal response you are, now you'll know (I hope...).

Created by: Aaron Hou
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  1. You have a choice. Martial arts or marathon running? You choose...
  2. I'm getting lazy, so I'll do two choice questions. Boxing gloves or wings?
  3. Beetle or butterfly?
  4. RP:An angry dog is running towards you, you...
  5. Protein bars or candy bars (please don't judge...)
  6. Someone throws an insult to you. You...
  7. Hectic or calming?
  8. War or peace?
  9. A child is gravely hurt and you feel like doing something. You...
  10. You completed my first quiz, how did you like it?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Fighter or Flighter?