Are You A Fart?

There are many fart people, but few true fart kings. Fart is, afterall, quite amazing. What is a fart person? A fart person is someone who has an astonishingly blank mind, is able to be very odourus, and see the butt as a new house.

Are YOU a fart? Do you have the stinkpower to qualify for that humongus journey? Until this second you are only able to wonder. But, thanks to this new quiz, you will find out in a few short minutes!

Created by: The best tomboy

  1. Hay yamz!
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. what does your house smell of?
  4. how much do you spend on the porceline throne when your pooping?
  5. you smell of...
  6. you feel your home is in...
  7. if it stinks around your home you...
  8. im done!your result will be ready
  9. bye
  10. ok apparently that wasnt the last question...

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Quiz topic: Am I A Fart?