Are you a fan of The Vamps band?

The Vamps are an english indie pop band who were formed in 2012. The band consists of Bradley William Simpson (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), James Daniel Mcvey (vocals and guitar), Connor Samuel John Balls ( vocals and bass guitar) and Tristan Oliver Vance Evans (vocals and drums)

The question is, are YOU a fan of The Vamps?? Do you love them more than anything or do you dislike them? This quiz maybe a little difficult for some people and easy for others. So lets find out if you're a vampette(or a vampion) or not)

Created by: LAL

  1. Who's idea was it to form the band?
  2. What is tristan's favorite colour?
  3. Which member is allergic to peanuts?
  4. When is james mcvey's birthday?
  5. What's connor's pet lizard's name?
  6. How did james met brad?
  7. Who came up with the name "Vamps"?
  8. Who was the last member to join the band?
  9. Apart from guitar, brad also knows how to play:
  10. Which member hates spiders?
  11. Ok, last question! Who is the shortest member of the band?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of The Vamps band?