Are you a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas!

This quiz is just to test on how good you are with the Nightmare before Christmas just take 10 easy questions and get a easy GOOD JOB result!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no time limit and its okay if you failed just study and take it again if you do have questions or test request just email me thank you guys!!

Created by: SavannaWHO
  1. What is Jacks home town named?
  2. What place did Jack go when he went to the trees?
  3. What is the man that was torturing Santa Claus and Jacks name?
  4. What is Sally?
  5. What is Jacks dogs name?
  6. Think of a number?(There is an answer for this)Hint:0-4
  7. Pick one color for Jacks look.
  8. Do you think you got more than five right?
  9. What does zero have on his nose?
  10. What is Jacks full name?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas!