Are You a Dragon Expert?

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This is a quiz to test your knowledge of dragons and how meaningful they are to you. Dragons represent an important part of fantasy and every magical world.

When taking this quiz, remember that we are talking about fantasy and, especially, a mythical creature. Don't take this quiz too seriously. Have fun, and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: dragonsfires
  1. First of all, do you even like dragons?
  2. Are dragons only mythical creatures, or were they once something real?
  3. Can all dragons fly?
  4. Are dragons magical creatures?
  5. If dragons breathe fire, do they like water?
  6. Do all dragons have four legs?
  7. When did the word "dragon" enter the English language?
  8. If you were a dragon, what would you be?
  9. Are dragons cool?
  10. Was this a good quiz about dragons?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Dragon Expert?