Are you a Discord kitten?

Are you a Discord Kitten or not!? WHY NOT FIND OUT with this SUPER awesome and updated quiz that totally is reliable and knows what you are like as a person because it is on an internet quiz site!!

Hello, I may or may not be a Discord mod and you will never know the real answer! I hope this amazing quiz opened your eyes to more possibilities! On this website we have the best quizzes that may answer very deep and long asked questionable for you, and I hope this one answer some deep questions you have about yourself.

Created by: Discord mod
  1. Do you want people to buy you things?
  2. Do you... Like pink?
  3. Do you have a lot of male friends on Discord?
  4. Which one is your favourite Social Media app?
  5. Are you sure of...?
  6. Do you use the word "daddy" a lot? You can be honest
  7. Do you own pink cat headphones?
  8. Do you say UwU?
  9. Do you make Discord Kitten TikToks?
  10. Are you on Discord everyday?
  11. Wait.. Do YOU have a Discord Kitten?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Discord kitten?