Are you a dessert?

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Ever wonder what dessert you could possibly be? Are you your favorite dessert? Are you even a dessert? Will you like my quiz? (Just kidding, lol!) Anyways, take my quiz!

Are you sweet or salty or a dessert hater or what? And Are you energetic? Do you just want the introduction to end and the quiz to begin? I do, but the introduction has to be like 155 or more characters long.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. What's your favorite flavor of food?
  2. Do you like cake or pie better?
  3. If you were offered a steak and a cookie, what would you choose?
  4. Do you think that you're a dessert?
  5. Are you good-looking? (And I mean has anyone told you that you are?)
  6. Is your favorite color typically a dessert color? (E.G. red, brown, yellow, white, black.)
  7. Which emoji(s) do you like best? (You don't have to like the food shown, but if you like something similar, click that one.)
  8. Is your natural hair color a dessert color? (E.G. yellow/blond, white, brown, black, red.)
  9. Are you full of energy?
  10. I have to make two more questions or I can't make this quiz. This is just a space filler. (The last two questions, including this one, have no effect on your score.)
  11. Will you like my quiz, rate it with the "great" emoji, and comment on it?

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Quiz topic: Am I a dessert?