Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

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Ever wanted to know if you’re a Democrat or a Republican? Which party should you be in? Which should you support on Election Day? Donkeys or elephants???

This quiz will help you find out in a quick, easy, and hopefully accurate way. Try to answer honestly for better results. Good luck, 🍀 have fun, and thank you for taking my quiz! 😁

Created by: joy

  1. Do you want high taxes or low taxes for everyone?
  2. Minimum wages...
  3. Gay marriage?
  4. Abortion?
  5. Military spending
  6. Healthcare?
  7. Death Penalty?
  8. Amnesty for illegal immigrants?
  9. Would you rather live in...
  10. Who was a better president, FDR or Abe Lincoln?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Democrat or a Republican?