Are You A Death Eater?

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Are You a DEATH EATER???? or a potterhead? either is ok.... but watch yourself and be careful who you insult...... This quiz will determine your loyalties and where you will stand when all falls. Answer truthfully!

This information is true weather you want it to be or not. it's your future. or not. But its still your life so be careful where you click 'yes' or 'no' or 'NO WAY!!!'

Created by: Rhiona
  1. Would you kill Harry Potter?
  2. Who is your Favorite character?
  3. Where you sad when Snape killed Dumbledore?
  4. How many horcruxes do you have?
  5. Would you give up your life for The Dark Lord?
  6. Which house are you in?
  7. Would you tell The Dark Lord's secrets?
  8. How long would you serve The Dark Lord?
  9. Would you kill your loved ones for The Dark Lord?
  10. Are You A:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Death Eater?