Are You A Dance Moms Fan?

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Do you know Dance Moms or are you just one of those fans who doesn't know anything? Why do you watch Dance Moms if you don't know every little detail?

A Dance Moms fan knows every detail there is to know, and that's what I consider a "fan". Don't get discouraged if there are any hard questions! Good luck!

Created by: dance moms addict

  1. Where does Maddie wish she could live?
  2. Does Chloe have braces?
  3. Which mom used to be one of Abby's students?
  4. Why did Brooke quit ALDC in Season 2 episode 4?
  5. Does Nia do anything outside of dance?
  6. What did Mackenzie not say?
  7. Who threatened to take Mackenzie's spot?
  8. Did Kendall leave ALDC?
  9. Who got the solo "The Robot?"
  10. Who got expelled from ALDC in the first episode?
  11. What did Jill say?
  12. Who was on Abby's team for 2 weeks and quit?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Dance Moms Fan?