Are you a crossdresser

This is a quiz on crossdressing for men. Would you wear a dress or a skirt? Would you paint your nails or wear makeup, maybe even perfume? Would you walk around in heels?

this quiz might help you find the answer to that question. You probably already know and your just taking this quiz for fun but that doesn't really matter.

Created by: pretty in pink
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  1. Have you ever thought about wearing or worn a dress?
  2. Do you like skirts?
  3. Do you like makeup?
  4. How about nail polish?
  5. If you could be a girl for a day would you?
  6. If you girlfriend got you a feminine outfit (skirt, top, heels, purse) for your birthday what would you say?
  7. Would you ever shave your legs for non sports purposes?
  8. What's your favourite colour?
  9. That last question didn't apply to your answer, it was a test if you picked pink hoping to get a girly result then you failed! Would you ever grow your hair long or wear hair extensions/ wig?
  10. If you had to paint your nails what colour would you paint them?
  11. Would you wear perfume?
  12. Would you wear high heels?

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Quiz topic: Am I a crossdresser