Are You A Country Or Girly Girl

Today you found out that you are a country or/and girly girl and you should be proud of that but this my not be what you really are and that doesn't matter

You may not be what you wanted but that is okay I'm not telling you what you are or how or any thing like that I'm just happy you answered my question

Created by: kailey

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  1. What are your favorite kind of shoes
  2. What do you love to do
  3. What's your favorite color
  4. What do you or what to drive
  5. What do you wear
  6. What's your favorite word
  7. What's your favorite music
  8. Who's your favorite singer
  9. What's your favorite song by Taylor swift
  10. What's your favorite animal

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Quiz topic: Am I A Country Or Girly Girl