are you a cool friend for me

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Hope you guys like my quiz the answers areto see if yyour a good friends that fits my file. Hope you like comment and please rate this quiz thank you.

I hope you liked it we could be good friends and please read my other quizzes I've been doing if you can't find the first parts look on girlandgirl profile.

Created by: reteena

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colors do you like?
  2. What singers do you like?
  3. What's you usual personality?
  4. What's you usual personality?
  5. If a friend is sad and doesn't want to talk what do you do? ( this happened to one of my friend so what I did is an answer.)
  6. What do you consider yourself as?
  7. Do you consider yourself as a good friend?
  8. Do you consider yourself as a good friend?
  9. If a friend was in a fight well you...
  10. Do you have a short patients?

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Quiz topic: Am I a cool friend for me