are you a cool dude?

there are many lazy old people who suck but there are some cooldudes too.follow this quiz to see if you are a lazy old smelly person or a cooldude who can lay off a few skills.are you a mega cool skillful cool dude? find out in this stylish test.

well done you chosen to do the extradinarily skillful mindblowing test to see if you are a NERD or the most popular kid in town who is infact a true cooldude who can lay off tricks you could also be on your way to becoming a colldude with skills.

Created by: ffion

  1. do you like sports?
  2. do you like to ride a skateboard?
  3. are you popular?
  4. are you rich?
  5. are you in primary school or highschool?
  6. what country do you live in?
  7. what is your favorite meal?
  8. do u like this quiz?
  9. do you think your cool?
  10. do you chat on msn?

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Quiz topic: Am I a cool dude?