Are you a clean person?

There are many clean people, many clean freaks, and many of those who smell often. This quiz will determine which level you are at. Take this and you will see if you are clean.

The rest of this is jibberish. Ignore it. sdfffffffdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddfhshsghfhshshshgshshsigjhsjhsiohiosdfjhiosdoihsfio

Created by: David Banner

  1. Do you take a shower?
  2. How often do you brush your teeth?
  3. How clean is your room. Rate is from 5-0 5 is highest, 0 is lowest.
  4. Do you spray something that would make you smell better?
  5. From here, the rest of the questions are jibberish, because I have to make a max of 12 questions and I have no more to ask. So just put anything in, it won't affect.
  6. agafgafgad
  7. agfadgad
  8. afgadga
  9. afgad
  10. adfgafdag

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Quiz topic: Am I a clean person?