Are you a celebrity know-it-all?

There are many smart people out there. Not as smart as the ones who read magazines. To them, reading is nothing. You may not like reading because your bad at it. Well, too bad. Your not going to create a healthy habbitat for you, and your friends.

Do you have what it takes to read? Yes? Great. If not, too bad your not barley have any friends, and you won't be healthy. Any way, your going to want to read now beacause you want a good job, right?

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  1. Is Nicole Richie Pregnant?
  2. Who went to jail?
  3. Who just adopted a baby this year except for Angelina and Brad?
  4. Who is alergic to hot dogs?
  5. Who has dark, dark curly brown hair?
  6. Does Mandy Moore star with Courtney Cox?
  7. Does Jen Aniston Star in Freinds?
  8. What are warm puppies?
  9. Who is _______ Alba?
  10. Who is ____________ Sherman?

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Quiz topic: Am I a celebrity know-it-all?