Are you a Casey or Star horse?

THere are probably lots of people like casey if you are casey you are more on the athletic and cocky side, if you are start that is a whole differnt story

There arent gonna be a lot ofpeople like star, if you are extremely shy and dont trust anybody but your mom and dad. then you are star. if you like to show off and like to eat, but also athletic you are casey.

Created by: ysabella & nikki

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  1. would you rather goo or whoaa?
  2. Do you like purple as a saddle pad color or black?
  3. Do you like to run a smooth lope, or a bumpy gallop?
  4. Do you like a bitless bridle or a bridle you can be contorolled with?
  5. ok you are a horse, your rider gives a sharp kick in in the flank, then repeatedly slaps you in the croup. what do you do?
  6. you are a horse again, your owner puts a bowl of bran in front of you, yuck, what do you do?
  7. If your rider rides you bareback, do you like it or hate it?
  8. If you are a rider and your horse rears what do you do?
  9. if you like a gallop do you make your horse run
  10. You are a horse again, You get pput in a pasture what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Casey or Star horse?