Are you a canine or a feline?

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Hi this is my very first quiz! I'm very excited to make this. You will find out are you a feline or a canine! I got feline when I did it. I really don't like being woken up! Just like a feline!

Hope you enjoy it! Just something fun to do when you are bored! Please take note this isn't telling you who to be. Just be you! The answer you get might not even be correct about you! You might even like being woken up, even if it says your a feline!

Created by: ForestCat
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Favorite animal?
  3. Favorite mythic creature?
  4. Pick one word.
  5. How do you feel around people?
  6. Felines or canines?
  7. Pick one personality that suits you.
  8. Favorite book series?
  9. Favorite place?
  10. Favorite genre of music?
  11. Best companion?
  12. Last question. This is my first quiz please rate it!

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Quiz topic: Am I a canine or a feline?