are you a bully

There are many people being bullied over 100% people are bullied each day. lets help stop it.bullying is totes rude so lets go and stop it. so lets go.

etc this is UN-cool awkward. types of bullying: cyber normal private umm lets me think etc so ya be a non-bully not a non-member a non-bully yes a non bully

Created by: otty

  1. Somebody kicks you......... you
  2. OK your in class when you get a tongue stuck out at you what do u do?
  3. Ok you are out in the snow when u get a snowball thrown at u
  4. bullying is rude, right?
  5. you gonna stop
  6. ya sure
  7. Ok you on my side
  8. ready?
  9. Ok stop bullying
  10. ok bye this is the last 1

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Quiz topic: Am I a bully