Are you a boy scout?

So hopefully if you're taking this quiz you are a scout or have some idea what this program is about. If not you're gonna learn. OR else!! But still. this program is about developing.

So if you don't like your score come back and try again. The important thing is that you answer honestly. Remember a Scout is Honest. And really who will judge you?

Created by: 50states
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like sharp objects? (Knives, Sticks....
  2. Do you like fire?
  3. How many knives do you have?
  4. Is hungry in the scout law?
  5. Can you carry your own gear?
  6. How often would you go camping?
  7. How fast can you set up the tent you and your friend share?
  8. Can you cook your own meals while camping?
  9. You're next to a lake what do you do?
  10. Are you a Scout?
  11. Do you have your Eagle?

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Quiz topic: Am I a boy scout?