Are you a bandwagon patriot fan?

Today, there are many people who appear to be New England Patriots fans. They claim they have been fans their entire lives and now own Tom Brady and Randy Moss jerseys. But for some reason, you never heard them mentioning the team more than six years ago.

This small 10 question quiz is designed to spot who is a real Patriots fan and who is a BANDWAGON Patriots fan. Most of the answers will be easy for those who have followed the team for an extended period of time. Most of the answers will be hard if you just recently jumped on the bandwagon. Good luck!

Created by: Billy
  1. 3. Before Bill Belichick, who was the New England Patriot Head Coach?
  2. What year did the Patriots win their first Super Bowl?
  3. Prior to playing in Gillette Stadium, what stadium did the Patriots call home?
  4. While on the Patriots, Drew Bledsoe wore what number?
  5. The first New England Patriot conference championship was in?
  6. Which former New England Patriot is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
  7. What college did former Patriot quarterback Drew Bledsoe attend?
  8. Prior to becoming the Patriots Head Coach, what was the last Head Coaching position Bill Belichick held?
  9. Which one of these teams used to play in the Patriots division?
  10. In what year did the Patriots finish last in the NFL with a record of 2-14?

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Quiz topic: Am I a bandwagon patriot fan?