Are you a 15-6 Pirate?

You may be a Pirate that has had a few 15-6s in their life. You may have even been in Iraq with me or even on my team. Did this quizz make you smarter. No, But if you were on my team, you will be laughing. You know.

So what is a 15-6, what is a pirate? What if both mearged together? You would get us. the best team in Iraq. Pirates are hard to come by and even worse to get by. Arrgh

Created by: Lisa of Myspace
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  1. Do you know what a 15-6 means?
  2. How many 15-6's have you been a part of?
  3. Has your entire team all gotten 15-6s because of something stupid?
  4. What is your team named?
  5. When rolling through a Iraqi Village, I would....
  6. Ever attend a 15-6 hearing with a hang over?
  7. Where do you put the Jolly Roger flag when wearing your ACUs?
  8. What is the Motto?
  9. What is your pirate name?
  10. What is our Hummers name

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Quiz topic: Am I a 15-6 Pirate?