Are u qualified to br Bruce Convey's Friend?

I need to know who much my friends and neutralimites score when their interests clash with mine .So if u want to know how much of a friend u really are , Take this.

Are you wondering how much you will score ?.This is the time to do it.Go on , you will benfit from it.Bruce Convey designed this quiz to know many of his Myspace friends are REAL friends

Created by: Bruce Convey

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If u are surfing the net and Bruce asks u to chat with him , will u accept ?
  2. If he asks u to visit his Website , will u do so and comment for him ?
  3. If Bruce leaves a comment on ur page , will u delete it ?
  4. If u are watching ur favourite movie and Bruce telephones u asking for help with French , What will u do ?
  5. Do u like Guns and weapons and SWAT Teams
  6. How much time do u spend online per day ?
  7. Do u use 'cool languages' like u and 5n ( fine) , lol , asl ?
  8. Bruce spends half his life on the Internet . Do u have anythinga against that ?
  9. Overall , do u like Bruce ?
  10. Do u often use bad,offensive,cursing language ?

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