Are u nice or not?

There are OBVIOUSLY a lot of people in the world.. but what kind are youu?? Do you think that you are nice or mean?? But if you knew, i guess that you would not be taking this quiz- my quiz- that i made...would you? lol--> laugh out loud

So...are you a nice or mean person?? Blah blah i dont really care--> idrc--> about this paragraph i know that no one really reads this and i just wanted to make a quiz, i didnt know that i really had to write these dumb paragraphs---->

Created by: Suzie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u think u r nice or mean?
  2. U c a baby in the stroller drop a toy but the mom doesnt notice. wat do u do?
  3. Whats ur fave type of movie?
  4. Average grade?
  5. Teachers are...
  6. Funniest-->
  7. Color clothes-->
  8. I am-->
  9. This is-->
  10. It's over so-->

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