Are u an IST kind of person?

IST stands for the international school of tanganyika and it is located in the capital city of tanzania; dar es salaam right on the coastal area. The weather is quite hot all year but rainy in march and around september/october. With the most african national parks tanzania is best described as very attractive for tourists so you better come here once and for all!

This quiz is to test if u can come and join our school which needs you. The reason why we need you is because we need the most tourists to show that we are attractive and we need more people in this poor world!

Created by: Lily

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. DO u like hanging out after school?
  2. ARE u smart enough to enter IB straight away and get 7/7 on every assignment?
  3. DO u lyk studying?
  4. What time do u sleep?
  5. What is ur favorite sport?
  6. What is ur favorite subject?
  7. Would u like to have a schedule from 7am to 1:10 at ur school?
  8. How long do u want ur break to be?
  9. What do u want to do during break?
  10. Do u prefer free dress or uniform?

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