Are u a demon or angel?

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This quiz is to see if your a fallen angel, angel or demon.... if you get demon your a little evil human, angel nice, kind, helpful human, fallen angel you were good but u did bad things

Hope u enjoy the quiz and get what u wanted, so take the quiz and (please!) enjoy! Hope no one is mean.... bye! Please enjoy my quiz! :3 ;3 :O ........

Created by: Kabbage4

  1. What is your age? (No effect)
  2. Gender (no effect)
  3. U see a little child on the road bleeding, what do u do?
  4. your best friend is getting bullied at school what do u do?
  5. What do u want to get (no effect)
  6. U are being robed, what do u do?
  7. Would u hurt anyone on propose
  8. ........ iā€™m Out of questions...
  9. U have to be in a war, what do u do?
  10. witch emoji
  11. Witch face

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