Are u a booty call?

There are very smart people who fall victim to love with the wrong person. More often then most the person they love doesnt love them back but the pain is never felt until its too late.

Are YOU a BOOTY CALL? Do have the courage to leave this bad relationship? Until now you thought it was love. But thanks to this quiz you'll find out if you rely on yourself and friends or do u think this person will be there for you when the rose-colored glasses fall and break?

Created by: jen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Did u meet ur guy thru a....
  2. Is the guy older than u
  3. Do u drop everything to be with him
  4. Have u ever ditched a friend because of him
  5. He calls u....
  6. How long did u know him before u had sex with him
  7. Have u lied about where u were because of him to anybody
  8. does ask u to do things for him when u dont feel comfortable doing
  9. r u still talkin to the person u met him thru
  10. is he worth losing ur friends over

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