Are my alternate self

Are you me or alternate time or universe me bros/ladybros come one come all plz

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Created by: WillWatt0000

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  1. Do you feel insane yet philosophical
  2. Have you ever been lost in a car with a senile old man driving farther away from home while crying and scream for him to stop
  3. Do you have a fetish for redheads
  4. Are you obsessed with japan
  5. Best song
  6. Which is worse zombies or serial killers
  7. Do you find it hard to talk to the opposite sex
  8. Do you read Johnny the homicidal maniac
  9. Do you say random s--- that makes no sense
  10. Talk to me on kik
  11. Do you believe that humanity sucks
  12. Did you like I mean was it good

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