Anti-Bullying Quiz

Okay, bullies are meanies, right? I created this quiz for a reason, and you will see why at the end. Wanna know are you actually a bully or not? Just take this!

Yeah yeah yeah all right whatever blah blah blah.........anyways, just take this quiz and enjoy, even though you, like, really don't have to. Bye bye la!!

Created by: MY

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  1. Have you called a person names today?
  2. Do you ever get bullied?
  3. This question links with number 4: how do you feel when someone bullies you.
  4. Okay, I say this to you: "You know that kid you called a "lazy cat", right? Well, he works hard to support his sick parents and you call him lazy!"
  5. You people never think before you speak (no offence). I bet the kid you called a 'gay' is at home currently committing suicide
  6. Do your group of friends all happen to be one type? Or, if you are in an international school, do your group of friends all happen to be from the same country?
  7. If you said yes to the previous question, what happens if you do meet different people?
  8. Someone is eating lunch alone in the canteen.
  9. A new student arrives at school!
  10. But she has seven fingers in total and looks pretty ugly.
  11. You go to the bathroom in the middle of a lesson, but see a girl you don't know crying in the mirror.
  12. Lastly, you think you are...

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