anime test of anime PART 3: DIFFICULT

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There are lots of people who say they are anime experts. But are they? test if you know your anime as well as you think! 3rd quiz is in! How many votes for a fourth?

Do YOU know Sword Art Online, ETC? check if you could become an anime professional! Please rate and comment! How many votes for a fourth? Let's see if we can at least get 3!

Created by: Kirito_SAO
  1. which anime show is the icon for this quiz on?
  2. Where is vampire knight based on mostly?
  3. which of these is the main villain and main hero in LANFEUST QUEST? (hero on the right, villain on the left)
  4. which of these is meant for mainly girls?
  5. Who is the composer for Sword Art Online?
  6. who is older?
  7. random! can you guess the right one?
  8. who killed kirito and asuna?
  9. what was wrong with everyone at the episode where kirito completes SAO?
  10. which of these is NOT anime?
  11. the creator of the game uses a fake identity. What is his name?
  12. what character isn't in anime?
  13. what held Asuna prisoner in alfheim online?
  14. WHO was the one who put Asuna in the prison?
  15. why would he need to put her in the game to have her?

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