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Welcome to my Anime Recommendation Quiz. Sometimes I need help picking out a new Anime to Watch, and maybe you do too. I made this quiz to help you get an idea of what you might want to watch.

There isn't a lot of anime on this quiz, but there might be other Recommendation Quizzes you might like. Please enjoy the quiz. Have a nice day. : DDDD

Created by: Katie

  1. In your opinion, does 'Artstyle' matter?
  2. What gender do you prefer the protagonist to be?
  3. Do you like Humor?
  4. Do you mind Femboys? I know weird question, but trust me.
  5. Do you like your animes a little (or a lot) sad?
  6. Describe your dream Boy/Girl.
  7. Are you good with Gore.
  8. How long do you prefer the anime: Long or Short.
  9. Do you like 90s anime?
  10. Last One: Pick a color

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