Animal Abuse Quiz

Animal abuse is a global problem. Everyone should care about it because animal abuse problems are people problems, when canimals are shown cruelty, people are at risk. When someone is harming animals they may harm humans as well.

Animal abuse is horrible, terrible, and monstrous. The more you know about it the more you should be concerned. It is so unfair to the poor little creatures on the other end.

Created by: Mikayla Stephenson

  1. In year 2000, how many high-profile animal abuse cases were preformed?
  2. Last century, there were 100,000 wild tigers populating the earth. Now there is only about...
  3. About how many states have adopted animal anti-cruelty laws?
  4. One tiger pelt sold as a single can sell for as much as...
  5. The first law against animal abuse was created by King Ashoka in which century BC?
  6. The Massachusetts Body of Liberty established American law against animal abuse and cruelty was in which year?
  7. What is one of the unfortunate results when animals are used in circuses?
  8. More american households have pets than have children.
  9. 50,000,000 animals are mistreated and killed each year at fur industries.
  10. Sharks have been aroud for 400 million years, their population is decreasing rapidly due to the human desire of...

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