American political quiz for 2018

This is a Politcal quiz that is ment to find where you stand in American politics it is meant to be unbiased. In Oder to understand this quiz you need to have some information about American politics

This quiz is also meant to prove that poltics are not black white and that there are many poltical groups in America. Hopefully you can use the information you got from this quiz next time you vote or get in potilcal discusion

Created by: Phil swift

  1. do you think Donald trumps has done a good job as presdient
  2. What is your take on taxes
  3. What is your take on abortion
  4. Should gay marriage be legal
  5. Can shop owners not cater to gay marriages because it violates their belifs
  6. Should prostitution be legal
  7. Should drugs be legal
  8. What is your view on second amendment rights
  9. should hate speech be banned
  10. Should the death sentence be legal
  11. Should we build a wall
  12. what should we do with illegal emigrants
  13. Should we expand welfare
  14. What should our tax money go to
  15. are black people being suppressed
  16. Are women being superesed
  17. Should retreat from the Middle East
  18. Are anti terrorist measures violating our constitutional rigths
  19. Should we put tariffs on china
  20. is the government full of corrupt officals
  21. Is Medicare for all a good idea
  22. Which party do you support
  23. Which one of these candidates would you support if they ran for election

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