American Girl Doll Trivia

Are you at all genius are we talking about your knowledge of that dolls . This quiz is a easy way to find out in ten easy questions about the dolls .This is a very good test.

So find out if you know it all. Or do you know nothing about them you could learn too maybe there was a doll you did not know about. Every thing you know might be blown away

Created by: Mollybug
  1. Who is Molly's best friend?
  2. Where does Grace's aunt live?
  3. Samantha's grandma's nickname for her is?
  4. Where did Saige ride Picasso for a performance ?
  5. What is Felicity's teacher's name
  6. What is Felicity's sister's name
  7. Kit wanted to entertain her readers so she made a puzzle RIDDLE Here is a sequence of letters Z X C V B N What letter comes next From minute mysterys by American Girl
  8. Where does Kanani live
  9. How many sister(s) does Josefina have
  10. Does Kirsten have a sister

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