am i normal or not

its to see if ur emo normal weird [weird a clown] sweet hearted or family oritained[ u love ur family] but it doesn't matter NO ONES REALLY NORMAL every ones special in there own way

so if ur a tomboy or something ur opposite than normal sweet heart[also family thing] sweet hearted is the best if ur emo I'm sorry for what ever but u like the color black and darkness

Created by: lunar_gakaxywolves
  1. whats ur favorite color?
  2. how much time do u spend outside?
  3. do u like normal boy/girl stuff
  4. what do u think
  5. do u like sports
  6. are u very sweet hearted
  7. do u think ur normal
  8. do u bully
  9. do u get called cool
  10. what do u think of the quiz

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