Am I crazy for staying with my spouse

In this quiz, you will be given 2 answers to choose from, pick the one you feel better about, if you don't have a good feeling about either answer, just answer what you think is best, it's ok to be honest

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and tell me how you feel about it; it's going to be very helpful to me and I'll be waiting to hear from you soon thank you for your help!

Created by: Brad hill

  1. If your spouse tells you that they love someone else, but are confused about marriage, would you try to make it work?Is
  2. If your spouse tells you they have feelings for another person, and refuse to stop contact with them, would you try to make your marriage work?
  3. Knowing that your spouse sees the person every time they work, they admitted to having feelings for, would you be able to try to make it work with your spouse?
  4. My spouse says they don't want to have sex with me, because it might complicate things, I should be ok with that, without no reason
  5. I caught my spouse 3 times with the person she has feelings for, and each time my spouse downplays it, and makes it out to be my fault because of things I've done in the past, is this ok ?
  6. Is it ok for my spouse to go out with friends for 5+ hours 2-3 nights a week, and never keeps their word on when they are coming home!
  7. If my spouse is hiding her phone and won't let you see it at all, are they still doing shady stuff!
  8. When me and my spouse argue, they always respond back with you did this to me, is that ok?
  9. If your spouse is always calling you needy because you want to talk about your marriage problems, is that a normal response
  10. My spouse says that I drive them crazy and that they want to be alone ! Does that seem like a very good idea when your marriage is on the rocks

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