am I a foxy fangirl?

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well um this is about if your a foxy fangirl or not and yeah im bored so I made this lol so I like fans I'm actually plushtrap fanboy lol he's a cool boy

im bored as fricc so I will facts about me because why not I know im supposed to talk about but screw rules anyway im an artist and im in the fnaf fandom. im in multiple fandoms main one right now is night in the woods. oof bye!

Created by: a dude with dreams
  1. are you sexually attracted to foxy?
  2. If you have an oc do you ship foxy and the oc together
  3. would you die/kill for foxy?
  4. who's your favorite fans character in fnaf 1?
  5. when you first got into the game fandom/gameplay did you always find foxy attractive?
  6. whats the best ship?
  7. do think you are a fangirl or are one?
  8. do you get annoyed or angry when you see another foxy fangirl?
  9. would you unfriend your friend if they said they loved foxy?
  10. can you ever see you and foxy breaking up or getting a divorce?

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