All About Nicole

This quiz is to see how well you know me. Answer each question to the best of your ability. The questions are about me and my life. Some questions really go back and some of them are really recent. You will just have to see what your area of expertise is!

There are only four choices so you have a 25% chance of getting it right! You can only choose one. You should go with your first hunch, they are usually correct. I can't wait to see who knows me the best!

Created by: Nicole
  1. What is my birthday?
  2. What color are my eyes?
  3. What was my first dog?
  4. What is my biggest fear?
  5. When did my papaw die?
  6. What is my favorite color?
  7. If I wasn't going to be a teacher, what did I want to do?
  8. What Sunday School class do I teach?
  9. What is my favorite flower?
  10. What happened to me my sophomore year in high school?
  11. How many first cousins do I have?
  12. At what age did I start dancing?
  13. What is my favorite genre of dance?
  14. What section of the choir do I sing in?
  15. What is my favorite perfume
  16. What is my middle name?

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