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How well do you know your history facts? Al Americani is one of the few remaining historical buildings in Kuwait. It was also one of the first concrete buildings in the Gulf region.

To celebrate its history, presence and future, DAI created this quiz to test, intrigue and improve your knowledge about this significant building and all that is associated with it.

Created by: Americani of Al Americani
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  1. Under which Emir's reign was Al Americani (the American Hospital) established?
  2. Who was the first physician to arrive in Kuwait?
  3. Which year was the first American Hospital completed?
  4. Another building followed in 1919 and was also the first of its kind. This building was
  5. What was the name of the official women's hospital inaugurated in 1939?
  6. Who was the "First lady doctor in Kuwait"? Hint: Kuwaities called her Khatun Halima
  7. How many hospital buildings eventually occupied Al Americani's compound?
  8. Which of these hospital buildings today serves as Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah's temporary headquarters?
  9. The Mylrea Memorial (men's) hospital building will officially launch as Al Americani Cultural Centre in February-March 2011. Which National Celebration will take place at that time?
  10. Al Americani Cultural Centre is a

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