about my minecraft fanfiction

this is basically just about the characters that I have in my minecraft fan fiction. lots of cool, interesting players in a world where herobrine rules the lands.

this is an amazing story about steve the original and chosen player and a group of rebel players trying to reset the spawning on the master block, and stopping herobrine from killing every player in exsistence.

Created by: LimyMage918

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  1. so I just felt like telling u guys about the characters in my minecraft imagination. all of them ( except for like one or two) are real people not just the youtubers
  2. first of all I included lots of youtubers like antvenom, sky, cave, bashur, tobuscus, and one of my friends pixel panda. yes hes a youtuber
  3. I my self am limymage. my character loves quartz and has a flaming quartz sword, usualy takes charge without realizing it, and sometimes rather looks at the bad side of things
  4. theres also Cameron who is a slime person and may also be mentally insane. he beats his enemies with random objects and is immune to pain.
  5. clearchoice is a bit younger than others and isn't all to special but tags along with the skilled awesome guys.
  6. camleon is one of my pc friends and is boss at hunger games. she is with the main battle group which is limy, Cameron, clearchoice and keyblade
  7. keyblade is a brute and pro archer who dresses like ezio from assassins creed. he has an endermen buttler and can be stupid at times. also forgot to mention limy has 2 skins, blue halo Spartan armor and a dark gray oni uniform
  8. creepy clown and brotherblood are partners and play lots of video games. creepy is the best halo boss of all time and brother blood hates every thing
  9. there are plenty of other guys like Baldwin, slamacow, grace, markiplier, baconater, Spartan, and lots, lots more but if I do them all I would go past the question limit
  10. notch jeb and herobrine were the ones who forged minecraft. jeb left and herobrine became evil and took over. later he gets an obsidian sword that traps souls and a black cloak
  11. fatality is a bandit, smuggler, murderer, and later helps herobrine, wears a black assassin hood, has a lightning enchanted diamond sword, a gun, and a magic lapis that enables you to pass through walls
  12. you cant have a minecraft story without steve. he was the original player which makes him some kind of chosen one. he is also immune to herobrines powers.
  13. last one. SLIMY! he is camerons pet slime.he is just as unstable and crazy as Cameron. but was later killed by herobrine. he did help Cameron drive the cameratron, a giant slime robot that shoots flaming slimeballs and exploding squids!

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