How much do you know about Minecraft?

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There are many redstone geniuses, and you are. Even if you can't place a block-- You are amazing. You are talented. Even if you get 0%- Sure your friends say you stink-- But who cares!! Just stay yourself-- and stay awesome!

Sure, Sure. You say- "But I'm not a true minecrafter." You might say that, right? Well- even if you can't move a block forward-- You may have another talent- not Minecraft. You can be amazing in a million ways! Minecraft Genius, Pro Baseball Player, Really good Bowler, Really good at- Whatever! But you, my friend- are special.

Created by: lmquizes

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  1. What was the game originally named?
  2. Who makes the updates now?
  3. How many updates did Cave Game have??
  4. Who created Minecraft???
  5. Who is herobrine??
  6. What does your "y" mean??
  7. What biome is emerald only found in?
  8. What was the first version of minecraft that wasn't Cave game and wasn't Beta or alpha??
  9. When was Minecraft first released?
  10. Who won't give their real name out in public who helped make Minecraft??
  11. When the MC Launcher opens, what block is the icon??
  12. What are the "Minecraft Initials"
  13. The build limit is...
  14. What does "GG" mean
  15. What does "GL HF" mean?
  16. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Minecraft?